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An email I sent to a friend who reached out to me just before I left the Oxford study abroad program due to the coronavirus

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Missing the solidarity and community that comes with working in the library, some seniors created "Library Hours," a group chat used to coordinate impromptu, hop-on-hop-off, group study sessions via FaceTime. Just like it would have been in the…

A detailed future schedule of my anticipatory trip up the coast of California once quarantine is lifted. Plans for what campgrounds to stay at, best local restaurants & shops, hidden beaches on the coast, hikes that I have to try, and detailed daily…

Antidote to Loneliness.docx
A poem I wrote for class

Making recycled paper at my grandmother's house in Ojai, CA before my next Zoom conference with Elizabeth Johnston for my Memory Research Seminar. About 90 degrees so the paper dries fast, infused the paper with lavender oil and yellow flowers.

A beetle that got into my room and interrupted a Spanish conversation.

After a trip to Grandma’s house to deliver groceries and to collect some flowers from the garden there, Bella put together several bouquets while attending online lectures and painting.

This video, a zoom recorded update from the co-chairs of SLC’s Student Life Committee (2020), captures one of the manifestations of student governance support still in action during the COVID-19 remote period: it outlines the points of interest…

Making crafts while in class: an address book for writing letters to friends and family.
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