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Antidote to Loneliness.docx
A poem I wrote for class

A poem I wrote shortly after we all left campus for the semester

The Little Boy and the Sea.docx
As a teaching assistant at the ECC, all our classes went online

Graduating from my master's program at SLC, spring 2021

The Blake County Quarantine(1).pdf
Inspired by my experiences

Conference Presentation.pptx
It's a semi-journal/instructions on how to make protective masks.

Making crafts while in class: an address book for writing letters to friends and family.

A beetle that got into my room and interrupted a Spanish conversation.

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 11.53.53 PM.png
Missing the solidarity and community that comes with working in the library, some seniors created "Library Hours," a group chat used to coordinate impromptu, hop-on-hop-off, group study sessions via FaceTime. Just like it would have been in theā€¦
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